Consignment Procedures

We are currently only accepting furniture pieces for consignment

*It is best to e-mail us pictures of your items, with a brief description and original retail price to:  
   Contact@EncoreResales.Com  (we can give you an estimated price range we can expect to sell)
   We price consigned items based on condition and demand.

*Call or e-mail to make sure we can accept the items the day you want to drop off
   (We do offer pickup - usually between $75-$100 depending on distance and item)

*Furniture must be clean, in good repair and odor free

*We are currently not accepting t.v. armoires/entertainment centers nor pictures or mirrors 
     (These items are accepted to be sold for the charities - tax donation receipt can be provided)

You receive 60% of the selling price on all consigned items
Please keep in mind that retailers are offering great discounts due to the economy.  Our staff will price your items to sell at a fair price to both the consignor and customer.  If you have something ”special”, consult with our staff before bringing for consignment.  We might start prices lower than other places, but our high volume sells stuff fast.  This prevents numerous markdowns and can ultimately get you more money and most importantly will get it sold. 
You may pick up a check for sold items anytime.  There is a $1.50 fee per check issued. 
Thank you for your business!

You can print the two forms below to save time once you are ready to drop off and start making some money

Drop & Run Form
Consignor Agreement